Let me take you back ... wayyyy back

Everybody loves a good metal album, it's true. Especially when by "everbody" you're really referring to "everybody in Vavenby". Though, I feel the stereotypes of Vavenby are slipping. I mean, without the people that made Vavenby what it was ... it just doesn't seem the same. It's so laid back, and uneventful, and there's a serious lack of samosa stealing going on. Posted by Picasa


The caviar, the women and the fancy cars

There's still no power in a lot of the city, which leads to horrendous driving through large intersections with no traffic control whatsoever. And people tend to have issues with the 4 way stop procedure. It took 20 minutes to go 2 blocks this afternoon in Coquitlam.

There was an article in the Globe and Mail about an aquifer in "Tiny Township", Ont. (real name, no gimmicks), which allegedly has the world's purest water. And they're going to build a landfill on top of it. And then they're going to pump water into the landfill, and pipe the leachade to a sewage treatment facility. I have so many issues with that. The landfill-on-aquifer thing is bad ... but according to their half-assed description, it was a confined aquifer, so it's not completely open to pollutants ... the clay layer will offer a bit of protection from the garbage juice. Then there's the issue that they're pumping clean water into the dump. I'm sure there's a lot of people in developing countries who would have an issue with that blatant waste of potable water. And finally, I can almost guarantee that the treatment facility to which they're piping the leachade isn't built to handle all sorts of chemical/industrial/non-human waste that's going to come from the dump. Which means that the output from the sewage treatment facility (no doubt into some body of water) is going to contain contaminants, which will lead to two water supplies being contaminated by the same dump. Awesome.

And the Canucks are winning with 5 minutes left in the 3rd. Not that I'm a Minnesota fan or anything (except for the UMN ... big fan of them), I just don't like the Canucks to win. I get so much more pleasure out of listening to the "fans" in Vancouver tell how they have the answer to all the Cansucks problems. Them winning provides me with no enjoyment whatsoever.


Stupid Weather

So I woke up this morning to a very dark house. Which isn't entirely unusual since it's a dank basement suite, but the tell-tale glow of LEDs from always-on electronics was notably missing. Turns out, the power died sometime between 2:30am and 6am. Not sure when it will be back on ... BC Hydro doesn't list the area on its "outages" site. 4 power outages in 2 weeks ... I love this coast.

update: So the power has returned ... I guess it's yet another time that BC Hydro does their job sufficiently. I'd love to find a reason to be angry at them ... but they escape my wrath yet again.