Last day of vacation

Well, it's come down to this: the final day of vacation, lazing around in my housecoat, wishing time would slow down. Though, it'll be nice to have some structure in my days after a couple weeks of doing absolutely nothing. The fact that I'm sitting on the couch watching lawnmower racing says a lot about what I'll do for mindless entertainment.

Just read that the Oilers picked up Petr Nedved on waivers. I was hoping he'd go to Ottawa, as rumours suggested, but it wasn't to be. Not sure how Nedved fits into the Oiler's needs, but then I'm completely ignorant with respect to the Oilers and their needs ... so my opinion doesn't count for much.

Canucks play the Flames (again) tonight ... I look forward to cheering for Calgary. Currently, I'm loving the fact that while the Canucks have won a couple of consecutive games (3, I think?), Naslund still hasn't scored in 14(?) games. Well worth his $6.5M, no?