BMW Z2 - a mini, electric Z4?

Word on the street is, BMW will launch a few iterations of the Z2 come Q2 2012. Apparently there will be a coupe version and a roadster, which will be available as petrol-burning (4cyl I6, 204hp), hybrid or all-electric. The concept will be (allegedly) unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show, though there are some concept drawings at Autobild.

I like the idea of a Z2, and I suppose I theoretically like the idea of hybrid and/or electric versions of any car ... but I'll have to see how the pricing looks before I get too excited. I have my heart set on the rumored 1er hatchbacks (E81/E87 versions) that may or may not be coming to North America for the 2011 model year. There are also rumours about a 115i and a 116i coming ... which may or may not be right up my alley!


MotoGP Countdown - 20 Days to Qatar

As the Okanagan sun comes out, and the snow starts to melt, I start to look forward to the motorcycle season. And what better way to celebrate the motorcycle season than watching MotoGP? The first race of the season (Qatar) is April 12, and I can't wait to see if Rossi will be able to retain his title. And now, a preview of the upcoming season:

- Monster Energy Drinks has signed on as a co-sponsor of the Tech3 Yamaha satellite team, bringing them one step closer to being lame and Americanized. I blame Colin Edwards.
- Sete's back, racing with "Grupo Francisco Hernando" on a Duc. Weird.
- Nicky Hayden is racing for Marlboro Ducati ... looks like I can no longer cheer for the manufacturer.
- Mika Kallio and Niccolo Canepa are racing for the Pramac Duc satellite team
- "The odds makers" are putting Rossi at 1.90:1 to win the Championship again this year (which would be his 9th World Championship and 7th in the premiere class). Stoner is 3.0:1, and Pedrosa at 8.0:1. For what it's worth, these odds are stolen from a BWin banner ad ...

There you have it ... not a lot of news, really, but I'll be sure to start updating more frequently as more interesting news becomes available. Before you know it, we'll be in Qatar and the 2009 season will be underway!