BMW Z2 - a mini, electric Z4?

Word on the street is, BMW will launch a few iterations of the Z2 come Q2 2012. Apparently there will be a coupe version and a roadster, which will be available as petrol-burning (4cyl I6, 204hp), hybrid or all-electric. The concept will be (allegedly) unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show, though there are some concept drawings at Autobild.

I like the idea of a Z2, and I suppose I theoretically like the idea of hybrid and/or electric versions of any car ... but I'll have to see how the pricing looks before I get too excited. I have my heart set on the rumored 1er hatchbacks (E81/E87 versions) that may or may not be coming to North America for the 2011 model year. There are also rumours about a 115i and a 116i coming ... which may or may not be right up my alley!

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