Google Latitude: privacy concern, or straight up awesomeness?

So I recently installed Latitude on my computer (my Blackberry doesn't actually have a data connection, and they've not yet come out with a version for the iTouch or java phones yet), and I personally think it to be pretty rad. The unfortunate part of it all is that only 1 person in the entirety of my address book has it installed. So essentially, I can see where I am at all times. Not so handy.

I'm not sure if the small following is due to a lack of awareness, or concerns over the privacy implications of having others know your whereabouts. I'm personally not overly concerned: I try to not go places I'd be embarassed about, and if I were to have to, say, go shopping at LuLu Lemon, I'd simply turn off the tracking feature. The accuracy seems a bit off as well (oh noes! Ypu can tell I'm within 4km of my house!) But I suppose there is a creepy stalkerish feel to it all.

I feel this is one more step forward in the technification of our lives. Location awareness fascinates me: I want my photos to know where they were taken, I want to know where I parked my car, and I want to track where I've traveled. Being cognizant of our time and place is not only cool, but also helpful: I see you're 2 towns over, I don't waste a phonecall asking you for coffee.

I'm sure there are more advancements in the workings, and I for one look forward to them!


Welcome back!

So I've decided to get this blog started again, thanks to the advent of useful technology and some free time. Now that school and certification exams are finished, I have more time on my hands than I have in the past 7 years of my life. Which means that you, kind reader, benefit! The technology to which I refer is a handy little iPhone App called "BlogWriter". It allows me to type blog entries from the comfort of ... wherever I want! Meaning I don't have to commit to sitting at a computer for extended periods of time, and I don't have to waste company time.

Expect much more to come in the near future!