UM hate me

Yesterday was a day of rapage for the Gophers, as they were properly and thoroughly beaten by Boston College, ending their season. While they came within 2 goals late in the third period (after a clusterfuck of a play that saw nearly three minutes put back onto the clock), it ended badly (5-2).

At 3:27, Ben Gordon fired one into the top of the net to cut BC's lead to 4-2. Referee Brian Aaron waved the goal off, however, saying it hit the crossbar, and play continued. At the next stoppage (at 19:15 of the 3rd), Aaron went to video replay, and saw that Gordon's shot did, indeed, enter the net. So, time was put back on the clock, and BC's 5th goal (which caused the stoppage at 19:15) was removed. Now, instead of a 5-1 lead for BC, it's back to 4-2. No matter, however: BC still scored another goal, and UM still lost.

The Gopher's final record was 19-17-9, meaning Lucia failed to guide the team to 20 wins for the first time in 9 years. Ouch.

Boston College faces Miami today to see who progresses to the Frozen Four (April 10). Michigan and Notre Dame have already secured their spots in the tourney, while the other regional playoff has UND facing Wisconsin. I promise I'll keep this updated, even though the Gophers are gone.

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