Guess who's back?

The title is kind of redundant ... since I'm the only one posting, I'm the only one who's going to be back. But you get the point. My analytics tell me that page views are dropping, so it's time to get back into business! Actually, the main reason I'm increasing the frequency of blog posts is that I suddenly have some more time on my hands. I have 1 week left in my practicum, at which point I'm officially done another degree. The difference between this degree and the last one, however, is that I also have a job ... nay, a career lined up post-graduation. Which is always promising. So while the next 3 weeks may be somewhat hectic (with packing/moving/finding a place to live/starting a new job), the future will have more posts about more interesting topics. Or un-interesting topics, depending on the state of the world.

I think my last post was about the start of the NHL playoffs. How wonderfully serendipitous than, that we're now heading into game 4 of the 2008 finals. Ever since Ottawa shit the bed in round 1, I've been quietly rooting for the Penguins. Maybe not so quietly, even. It's not that I'm a huge fan of Sidney Christ™ (though I don't hold anything against the kid, and I do think that he's what the league needs right now), I've just been a closet Penguins fan since the early 1990's, when my mullet was approximately the same length as that belonging to Jaromir Jagr. I even rocked out a Jofa helmet playing Pee Wee, just like the cool guys on the Pens. So while they're not my favourite team ever, I certainly like them more than the Red Wings (who have won enough Stanley Cups already .... let somebody else have a turn!)

So with the series at 2-1, where do I see it going? All the way to 7 games, of course. There's no way Chris Osgood is good enough to keep the high-flying Penguins at bay. 2 shutouts in the first 2 games was pretty amazing, but I wouldn't expect that kind of thing to be an ongoing trend. He's older than brontosaurus shit (36 in November), and he's bound to break a hip if he starts trying anything too acrobatic. That being said, I don't hold much faith in the goaltending of the Penguins, either. So it's really a toss-up as to who will take game 7. But yes, it will go the distance.

Game 4 goes tomorrow in Pittsburgh, 8pm EST, and can be seen on CBC, NBC and RDS (all in HD), or listened to on XM channels 204, 205 and 206. Also, various other sports-carrying radio channels (I would assume).

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