Oh, this can not end well

So being a public health official, I tend to be a bit of a geek when it comes to things food-safety-related. My Google Reader RSS feed is a pretty solid testament to that fact. One blog that I didn't actually know existed, until recently, is "The Food Poison Blog". A link from said blog was forwarded to me by a colleague, about a recent B.C. Human Rights Tribunal decision, regarding handwashing at a McDonalds. When you bring human rights into food safety, only bad things can happen. Read on ...

So there's this lady named Beena Datt. Ms. Datt has worked at McD's for >20 years. Long time employee, probably pretty committed to the Big Mac, yes? Unfortunately, Ms. Datt came down with a bit of a skin condition, that prevented her from thoroughly and properly washing her hands. McDonald's said "umm ... wanna wash your hands before handling that hamburger patty, Beena?" (I paraphrase, of course), and long story short, Ms. Datt was let go. She took her case, as previously mentioned, to the Human Rights Tribunal, and McDonald's was ordered to pay her $55,000 CDN for wrongful dismissal. Apparently, the Tribunal found that there was no direct evidence between proper handwashing and food contamination. Yes, this happened in Vancouver. Yes, I'm leaving Vancouver.

The story from Food Poison Blog can be found: here
Even longer version of the story, from the blog "Northern Exposure" is: here

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