Canada finally gets iPhone (officially)

WWDC 2008 is going on right now, and Apple officially announced that Rogers and Fido would both be carrying the new 3G iPhone, starting July 11. Of course, no prices (for phone or data plans) have yet been released, but those will trickle down in the near future.

What does this mean for Canada? Nothing, unless you're a neophyte. You see, the digerati in Canada have been rocking out iPhones on Rogers & Fido networks since the initial AT&T release in the USA. Rather, since the first jailbreaking of the AT&T iPhones. It's become such a simple process to jailbreak the phone (45 seconds of your time and a finger are the only things required), that there was no reason to wait for Rogers to start scamming you on data plans. Even though the iPhone SDK is well on its way to producing top-quality, purchaseable apps for the iPhone, I'd still unlock my gadget as soon as I got it home from the Rogers store for the apps that can only be had via Installer.

The main benefit to this, if you ask me, is that the cost of 1st generation iPhones is going to plummet as early adopters hop aboard the 3G train. So while you're rocking out your $100/month data plan, I'll buy your old phone for $100 and just stick to using near ubiquitous WiFi signals for my intertube needs.

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