Stupid idea #8437

Perhaps I'm being judgmental in calling this a "stupid idea". Perhaps there's a whole legion of sportbike-riding squids who would love to commute daily on their ZX10R's, but refuse to get the tops of their Shoeis wet. Enter: Rocketshields!

Yes, this company has managed to create a product that I didn't even realize was necessary. The Rocketshield creates a "canopy" for your sportbike, and mounts onto stock location (as you can see in the photo). Not only do you look like a giant tool, you also manage to lose the aerodynamic profile that the engineers at Kawasaki worked so hard to gain. And your legs are still open to the weather. As are your hands.

I'm anything but a fair-weather rider: I'll ride in monsoons, if need be (and need usually be, since I live in Vancouver). To maintain my sanity and comfort, I have good rain gear: waterproof pants, a GoreTex overcoat, GoreTex riding boots. It can be cold and miserable, but you usually don't get wet until a semi passes you and gives you some solid lateral spray down your ankles. Never ever ever have I wished there to be a thin canopy over my helmet (which usually does a pretty decent job of keeping my head dry).

As you can tell, I don't get it. Please let me know if you can see the market for this product. Enlighten me, faithful readers!

[Rocket shields via Kneeslider via Hell for leather via Gizmodo]

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