The Blackest of the Black

News out of Rice University (wait, where?) that researchers have discovered the darkest material EVAR! Well, at least the darkest material on Earth. I'm pretty sure that black holes are ... blacker (though those are, by definition, the lack of matter, so can't really be classified as a "material", per se). This black material is made up of Carbon nanotubes, and reflects only 0.045% of incident light, which is useful for light-sucking-intensive applications, such as solar panels.

The report was published in the journal "Nano Letters" (wait, what?) to which I currently have no access (go figure). When I get home I'll see if I can pull it up and post an update (though I'm guessing there's nothing super groundbreaking within the published article that I haven't already mentioned here).

Source:Houston Chronicle

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Jayney said...

Dude, I didn't realize you were updating so frequently or else I would've pageviewed more often! Time to bust out the RSS, I suppose.

Oh yeah, topic...are you saying you have no access to Nature online at ALL, or just their wacky sub-journals? Because some of them were always off-limits, but if you're not able to log on generally I will call those bitches up again and shake them down for like the fifth time this subscription period.