[he] was murder, P Diddy named [him] pretty

So, I remember reading a while back (many years, in fact) that Ma$e had left rap in order to follow the word of God. Whatever ... happens to the best of us. He was the type of rapper that only had a couple of good albums in them anyway, so it was best to quit while he was ahead. Then I listened to a few songs from "Double Up" ... not bad. I also quite enjoyed "Welcome Back". His new rap made me think that, perhaps the God thing didn't work out for him.

Turns out, you can be a mad rapper AND a mad preacher. Mason Betha Ministries has some wicked videos (mostly the one on the front page with his wife), but the real gold is on YouTube. I'll just throw up a link instead of embedding the video (because the user who posted it disabled embedding).

Ma$e preaching about stalking God. It's actually comic gold ... and I mean intentionally funny, not "oh dear, this is painful to watch. HAHAHAHA."

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Jayney said...

Oh. My. God. (no pun intended)

The 16-year-old me just died : (