Quick, I need $2799USD!

Today Apple released the newest iteration of the Mac Pro (or "PowerMac" as I still call it), and it's a beautiful thing. Not necessarily in terms of design ... it looks the exact same as the previous Mac Pro. More the 8-core processing (using Quad-core Intel Xeon chips), 1600MHz front-side buses (giving bandwidth of >25GB per second) and 800MHz DDR2 RAM. According to Gizmodo, the price point is $2799, but the "buy now" page is down at both Apple.com and Apple.ca. One can assume that it'll be more expensive in our home & native land (even though the dollar sits currently at $1.00898USD).

Edit: the site's back up, and the Mac Pro is going for $2899CAD. Not bad, considering the price differences in other Apple products. Fully spec'd out, expect >$30,000 though.


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