#2 - Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Coming off an amazing year in the CCHA (how's a .817 winning percentage sound?), Notre Dame is easily a favourite to do well in the tournament, according to 70% of the same ESPN experts previously quoted. However, as with all tournaments, the possibility for upsets exists. For instance, ND required overtime (2x overtime, even) to beat Alabama-Huntsville in the first round. Currently ND is facing Michigan State (who holds a respectable 23-14-2 record), and it's all tied up at zeroes at the start of the 2nd. So what to look for in this tournament from the Fighting Irish? Solid, defensive play, mostly. The CCHA, as a league, is all about a solid defense and Notre Dame, as the league's #1, represents that fully.

Well, my predictions are pretty weak ... as are those of 70% of ESPN's experts. Notre Dame ended up losing 2-1 to Michigan State, sending Michigan to the final four, facing the Maine Black Bears, who beat UMass 3-1 in their 2nd round playoff.

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