Countdown to the Frozen Four

While some people are all stoked on the NCAA basketball that's taking place (and by some people, I really mean "most people"), I'm more a hockey guy myself. Sure, I'd throw in my money, and pick my teams for the pools back in the high school day, but that was mostly to try and win a few bucks from simple flukes (I assure you, it never worked out).

They're currently in the 1st round of regional play-offs, with Minnesota going in as the #1 seed. Which makes me happy, since I'm a big MN fan. They face Air Force tomorrow at 3:30 (EST), while #2 seed, Notre Dame, has already defeated Alabama-Huntsville in round 1 play. By a surprisingly close, overtime-needing 3-2 margin. Alabama. With a dismal record of 13-19-3 ... compared to Notre Dame's incredible 31-6-3. Just goes to show ... anything can happen ... it's playoff time.

Over the next while, I'll take a look at some of the big-name teams, and give a run-down of what to watch for (in my incredibly expert opinion)

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