Casey says "Seal hunt must happen"

Forbes (here) is reporting the seal hunt in the Canadian arctic might not happen this year, due to "higher-than-normal mortality rates of seal pups and poor ice conditions". And I'm not sure what to think about this. I suppose global climate change could very well be leading to the conditions mentioned ... but what's causing the death of seal pups, if not a well-fashioned oak club? Probably those Coca-Cola drinking polar bears.

What the hell is with the A&E show "King of Cars"? That "Chop" Towbin fellow seems awfully white for the way he acts. But maybe I shouldn't racially profile him. Who's to say how white people should act? Certainly not me.

Does anybody actually expect Kawasaki to perform well in MotoGP? They're a great manufacturer, and always seem to compete well in AMA Superbike or Supersport, or whatever Americanized version of racing Roger Hayden participates in ... but they've never been able to perform at the top level. Even when I heard they had signed de Puniet, I didn't expect much. But then, I don't expect much out of Suzuki either. It's a 3 horse race, in my mind (well, 4 if you count KR ... but he's running a Honda engine ... so I lump him in with the "Honda" crowd). I'm excited to see if the Yamaha team can do enough engine tweaking to allow the M1 to compete along the straights with the Ducati GP7 ... Rossi had no chance against Stoner in Qatar, and I fully expect the entire season to end in such a fashion.

Only 4.5 days until Jerez ...

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