Is it June yet?

I am so not liking this semester so far. All 2 days of it. Seems to be a whole bunch of stuff that I care nothing about jammed into multiple hours, exams, presentations and reports. I suppose the good thing is that it's only 9 weeks. And after a couple week in Princeton this summer, I'll be wishing that I were back in "Human Relations" class learning how to not be a racist.

The news of the day (well, the news that I found interesting) is that Infinity has been told to cease and desist using the "M" moniker on their cars. I can only imagine they had good intentions with the M35/M45 badging ... but selling an "M6" package for the G35? That just reeks of a BMW rip-off. The cars are kind of similar in shape as it is ... I guess it gives people a way to pretend their $50,000 car is actually a $150,000 car. Might as well just re-badge that 318ti as a 335xi and call it a day.

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