Don't believe the hype

'k ... I'm not buying it. Literally and metaphorically. $299USD for the Apple TV, eh? And what awesomeness do I get for 3 times a C-note? Oh ... the ability to watch things from my computer on my tv ... but wait ... my computer has TV-out ... and I can buy a remote control for it. For a lot less than 300 quid. There's gonna be some people feeling stupid in about 6 weeks. Probably the same people who feel stupid, currently, for buying a PS3.

Speaking of PS3, how is it that you still can't buy a Wii, if you wanted to? I'll admit, they're fun, easy to lose a few hours in ... but my personal issue is the lack of games that really take advantage of the Wiimote. I can only play so much Wii Sports and Wii Play before I get bored. I guess it's a new technology, and good things are on the horizon (see: EA's "Fight Night", and Mario Party 8), but aren't we putting the cart before the horse here?

Audi, German engineering, diesels ... I love 'em all equally. Due to some issues the ALMS (American LeMans Series, for all you non-motorheads) has with Audi winning ... well, everything ... they've put in new "rules" to limit the abilities of the uber-great R10, including such ridiculousness as not allowing them to carry as much fuel (yeah! ... penalize them for good fuel economy!). So now Audi is talking about just pulling out of the series altogether, which would be a great loss.

I'm anti-Canadian politics right now. Well, anti "big 2". Firstly, Stephane Dion kicks poor Joe Comuzzi out of the caucus because he refuses to vote along party lines on a budge that's really not that bad (I mean, c'mon ... it's no worse than any other budget). Then, Stephen Harper says the Liberals are more concerned about Taliban prisoners than Canadian soldiers. It seems the real issues are being lost in the wash. But I guess that's politics for ya.

And, on a sad note, the Canucks beat the NHL's #1 team tonight. And Luongo got a shut-out. Making him the winningest goalie in the league. At least Naslund didn't score. And the twins were held of the scoresheet. (Hey TD ... the purse picked up another assist ... that's 22 points). I've taken to cheering against Edmonton. Not that I've anything against the Oil ... not at all. I just thought it was silly of them to trade Smyth ... and I think it's funny that they've not won since (it's the curse of Bambino, all over again)

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TDee said...

23 Freaking points!!! And he almost got another empty netter. JFung took the time out of a funeral/family gathering to let me know.

I can't win.