The Curse of Smyth

The Edmonton Oilers have entered an unprecedented realm of suck since trading Ryan Smyth to the NYI. I mean, they're really bad. 1 win in 17 games bad. Tonight they lost 2-1 to the Chicago Blackhawks (who are equally as bad), which puts them squarely in 25th position in the NHL (based on points). Granted, they're not as bad as Philly yet ... and probably won't be by the end of the season. But one has to wonder if Smyth will be coming back to the City of Champions next season.

Kevin Lowe's reasons for trading Ryan Smyth are ... confusing, at best. While they got a couple of decent draft picks out of the deal, pissing this season into the wind really couldn't have been worth it. It Lowe were smart (and I'm assuming he is), he'd make whatever deals necessary to get Smyth back into the line-up, stat. Chalk it up to experience, learn your lesson, don't trade a franchise player ever again.

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