It's the Freakin' Weekend

With a wonderful 4 days off, and +25'C weather all across the province (or at least the cities I'll be in), I predict few posts until Tuesday.

That being said, it's Frozen Four time, and I'm a sucker for college hockey. So there will probably be a few updates as long as I'm in range of non-dial-up innertubes.

Michigan State played the Maine Black Bears today, and pulled off a 4-2 win to make it to the finals. Maine came out hard, and took a VERY quick 2 goal lead (how's 3:24 into the first suit you?), but then apparently sat back and turned on the cruise control. It took until the 17 minute mark of the 2nd for State to tie it up, and 2 goals before the halfway point of the third put them in a good position for the win. Maine pulled Ben Bishop for the final minute and a half, but to no avail.

Both goalies made 29 saves on the night, which leads me to believe that Maine's Bishop didn't perform when they needed him to. That being said, I never watched the game, and I never saw highlights ... so all the goals may have been impossible to save.

North Dakota is just taking the ice against Boston College currently (8pm EST start). I'm looking for a ND win, both in this game, and in the final.

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