Prince George: city bad, Cougars good

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Ever since the 1st round ass-kicking the Blazers received, I've been cheering equally for the Vancouver Giants and the Prince George Cougars. Now is the time where I have to choose ... and I choose PG.

I suppose it's the whole "cheer for the underdog" theory. Plus, the Giants already have a berth in the Memorial Cup as the host team, and it will make me feel better if the team who knocked off the Blazers goes all the way.

I didn't think PG had any chance against Everett (the #1 team in the CHL), but they proved their worthiness with a decisive 8-2 trouncing of the Silvertips. PG took a stunning 6-0 lead against the champs, and held on for the win. Irving started the game in net for Everett, and was chased out at 11:14 of the 1st, after allowing 2 goals in just 5 shots. His replacement, Reekie, faced only 17 shots, and allowed 6 goals. So either Everett's goaltending choked hugely, or PG was on fire. I like the thought of the latter.

Prince George is in Vancouver for game 1 on Friday, and I'd love to catch a couple of those games. I personally feel that Prince George can win this series, and eventually go on to the Memorial Cup (where they'll be smoked, no doubt).

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