PG is Shut-Out: Season Looks Over

EDIT: Apparently I'm a bit of a gimp, and didn't realize that when I was writing this the game was not yet over. Real final score was VAN4 PG1. Better reporting next time, I promise
Well, that was a bit of a bust. I was thinking that since the game was going being played in Prince George, the Cougars might have the home team advantage. And perhaps they did, but it was a fairly weak game. Only 16 shots per team, only 2 goals total, and only 1 powerplay for the Giants (unlike last night's other Vancouver game). Prince George had 6 powerplays, and apparently managed very few shots on these. Vancouver started a steady parade to the box at 2:08 of the first (with 4 unanswered penalties to follow), yet still managed to out-shoot the home team 9-7 in the period.

Prince George obviously didn't bring their "A" game tonight. Referees Chris Savage and Pat Smith tried to give them a chance, but they just wouldn't take the bait! I'd say this series is pretty much over ... if you can't win at home, with that many powerplay opportunities, you're sunk.

Game stats here

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