Who loves Turkey?

It's kind of a trick question ... because everybody loves Turkey ... both the poultry and the country. Specifically, I'm referring to the Grand Prix of Turkey that's taking place this Sunday in Istanbul.

Hopefull this weekend will be filled with GP updates, since this is the first race in 26 days (or somewhere in that range). Here are a few things to look for in Constantinople Istanbul.

- Casey Stoner on the Ducati GP7 finished FP2 in 1st position (.779 seconds quicker than fellow Ducatisti Capirex). I feel Ducati will have a good race and end up with at least 1 bike on the podium. Lest we forget Qatar '07.

- John Hopkins finishes FP2 in 3rd. Suzuki is trying hard to make a name for themselves in GP this year, and there's really no reason that they shouldn't be able to. But if I know JH, he'll have a break down and kick his bike (literally).

- The Fiat Yamaha lads finish 4th and 15th (Rossi/Edwards, respectively). Come race time, look for a hard fighting Rossi (probable podium) and Edwards around 6th spot.

- Nicky Hayden a wicked great 14th position. pfft. He has to do something sooner or later, but I'm not sure that it will be this race. Fellow Honda rider Dani Pedrosa finishes in 9th.

- Olivier Jacque in the top 10 (6th position) after FP2. Promising for Kawasaki, but they still have a way to go before they can be fully competitive (see: Suzuki).

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